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Division of Water

Division of Water
Enviroscape Materials

Watershed/Nonpoint Source Enviroscape Landfill Enviroscape Wetlands Enviroscape Hazardous Waste Enviroscape
Watershed/Nonpoint Source Enviroscape
We all live downstream and this educational tool demonstrates how water pollution comes from many sources. By using food coloring to represent chemicals, cocoa for top soil run off, water and cocoa that represents oil and chocolate sprinkles to demonstrate animal waste, this becomes a great visual tool to show how storm water pollution works.
Landfill Enviroscape
This visual tool demonstrates how waste management is designed to protect our water, air and land using the reduce, reuse and recycle method. You can view a demonstration of the enviroscape by clicking here.
Wetlands Enviroscape
This tool is designed to demonstrate how a wetland can reduce flooding and erosion. Wetlands also provide habitat for birds and other animals. By using cocoa and other drink mixtures you can visually show how pollutants can be contained in a wetland, therefore protecting other water sources.
Hazardous Waste Enviroscape
A great visual tool that will demonstrate what happens when hazardous materials are improperly discharged or accidently spilled. Buy using food coloring, cocoa and drink mixes it demonstrates what happens when fuel or other hazardous materials get into our water system.

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  NPS Enviroscape - Mary Jane Little
  NPS Enviroscape - Mary Jane Little
  NPS Enviroscape - Mary Jane Little
  NPS Enviroscape - Mary Jane Little
  NPS Enviroscape - Mary Jane Little