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Division of Water

Division of Water
Upper Green River Watershed Watch

The Upper Green River Watershed Watch Project is a cooperative nonprofit umbrella organization covering volunteer samplers from the project area of 18 counties. The mission of the project, which began in 2001, is to recruit and train volunteers to monitor water quality in the community. Many of the volunteers are associated with local, state and national nonprofit and civic organizations as well as state and local government agencies and scientific institutions. It is their job to collect surface and karst-flow water samples, which are then sent for laboratory analysis. All of the collected data is shared with the samplers and made available to the public.

The Upper Green River Watershed is rated by the Nature Conservancy and the Natural Heritage Program as the fourth-most important watershed in the United States and the most important watershed in Kentucky to protect for fish and mussel species. It is the most biologically diverse river in the entire Ohio River ecosystem and hosts 71 mussel species and more than 150 fish species. This watershed contains Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky’s largest spring, Lost River Cave, Hidden River Cave, Cub Run Cave, and the only segments of the Green River deemed Wild River (26 miles) and Exceptional Waters (66 miles).


If you are interested in becoming a watershed watch volunteer you may register online at or by calling 800-928-0045.


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