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Division of Water
Big Sandy Watershed Watch

The Big Sandy Watershed Watch (BSWW) has volunteers in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia. The BSWW began training volunteers in August 1999 and has continued to sample for fecal coliform, E.coli, sulfates and other parameters in the Big Sandy River, Little Sandy River, Tug Fork and other streams or tributaries.

If you would like to help protect the waterways in the Big Sandy River basin you can register online at or you can call 800-928-0045. You will be trained on how to collect a grab sample and perform basic field chemistry such as dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature and conductivity. You will also be trained to perform habitat, physical and biological assessments on streams. The training is free, and the equipment is "on loan" to you for as long as you participate in the program.

The Kentucky Division of Water's Water Watch program supports the Big Sandy Watershed Watch. The office maintains a secure database that houses all volunteer, sampling site and event records for the BSWW. The sampling analysis is shared with the Water Watch office and is housed at the Kentucky Geological Survey.

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