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Division of Water

Division of Water
Watershed Management Framework

The Kentucky Watershed Management Framework is a dynamic, flexible structure for coordinating watershed management across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The Watershed Management Framework is not a new program, but rather a way of coordinating existing programs and building new partnerships that will result in more effective and efficient management of the state's land and water resources. Inherent in the design of the framework is the belief that many stakeholder groups and individuals must have ongoing opportunities to participate in the process of managing the abundant natural resources that characterize Kentucky's watersheds.

Benefits to the people of Kentucky include:

  • Better information for decision making
  • Increased ability to resolve complex water resource problems
  • Improved communication and coordination among governmental agencies
  • More opportunities for citizens to get involved
  • Increased ability to demonstrate results and benefits of environmental management
  • More cost-effective use of public and private funds

There are five large-scale basins (see picture below) that serve as resource units in which monitoring and management strategies will be focused. The general idea is to focus resources and attention on a more concentrated area in a more coordinated fashion with the various stakeholders so that better utilization of resources (i.e., tax dollars, time and information) can be achieved.

Basin Map

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