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Watershed Management Framework Stakeholders

Steering Committee
To support the Kentucky Watershed Management Framework, a statewide Watershed Steering Committee meets regularly to provide guidance, oversight and communication to interagency/organizational activities. The body includes state and federal agencies, universities, nonprofit advocacy groups, trade associations and local government associations. It is the highest level coordinating forum for the watershed process.

Monitoring Subcommittee
The Monitoring Subcommittee is a body of representatives from around the state that play a role in natural resource monitoring. The agencies include local, state and federal agencies and universities. This workgroup meets each fall to compare notes, plan and coordinate the monitoring and data gathering efforts to occur in the coming year for the purpose of stretching monitoring resources around the state. They coordinate high-level objectives and who will sample what, where and when.

Basin Coordinators
Basin coordinators are staff assigned to serve as a liaison in a given basin management unit among the agencies, the local interests and the resources concerns. Their job is to specialize in their watershed, to know what resources might be available to address the concerns and facilitate the watershed process to implement plans that address the problems. Visit the Watershed Management Basins Web page and select a basin for more details about that basin coordinator.

River Basin Teams
River basin teams are the field-level, technical entity within the Watershed Management Framework. These teams are composed of field staff from most state and federal natural resource agencies, citizen advocates, county health departments, extension agents, area development districts and other locally based professionals. These teams help in development of monitoring strategies, education and outreach, prioritization of issues and watersheds within the basin, planning, and networking among technical staff and local leaders to apply agency resources to implement fixes. Visit the Watershed Management Basins Web page and select a basin for more details about that basin team.


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