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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division of Water

Division of Water
Watershed Steering Committee

To support the Kentucky Watershed Management Framework, a statewide Watershed Steering Committee meets regularly to provide guidance, oversight and communication to interagency/organizational activities.

The body includes state and federal agencies, universities, nonprofit advocacy groups, trade associations and local government associations. It is the highest-level coordinating forum for the watershed process.

Focus Watershed Information:  The Focus Watersheds are watersheds selected by the Watershed Steering Committee as areas for focused restoration and protection efforts and resources.  Five watersheds were selected as Focused Watersheds.  For an update, see the links below; these links will take you to the Basin pages, with links to various information about each focus watershed.

Boiling Springs (Salt River Basin Management Unit)
Cane Run (Kentucky River Basin)
Clarks Run (Kentucky River Basin)
Elkhorn Creek (Big Sandy River Basin)
Pleasant Grove Creek (Four Rivers Basin) 


 Watershed Steering Committee Meetings

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 State Steering Committee Participants

Department for Energy Development and IndependenceEnergy and Environment Cabinet
Division of Compliance AssistanceEnergy and Environment Cabinet
Division of ConservationEnergy and Environment Cabinet
Division of ConservationUniversity of Kentucky
Division of Fish and Wildlife ResourcesTourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet
Division of ForestryEnergy and Environment Cabinet
Division of Public Health Protection and Safety Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Division of Waste ManagementEnergy and Environment Cabinet
Education and Workforce Development Cabinet Kentucky Environmental Education Council
Environmental Quality CommissionEnergy and Environment Cabinet
Kentucky Division of Oil and GasEnergy and Environment Cabinet
Kentucky Geological Survey
Kentucky River AuthorityKentucky Finance Cabinet
Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission Energy and Environment Cabinet
Office of Administrative HearingsEnergy and Environment Cabinet