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Division of Water

Division of Water
Total Maximum Daily Load Program

KDOW TMDLs under development
The TMDLs Under Development map can be downloaded here.

How to Download Geospatial Data

The TMDL development process begins with intensive monitoring of impaired streams within a watershed.  Data are collected from the impaired water, upstream areas, and tributaries to that water to further define the extent of the impairment. There are several parameters that are collected during the monitoring phase following Standard Operating Procedures.

Parameter Abbreviation Parameter Full Name
​NO2 / NO3 ​Nitrate / Nitrite
​NH4 ​Ammonia (Unionized)
​TKN ​Total Kjeldhal Nitrogen
​TP ​Total Phosphorus
​Ortho-P ​Orthophosphate
​TOC ​Total Organic Carbon
​BOD5 ​Carbonaceous Biological Oxygen Demand
​TSS ​Total Suspended Solids
​TDS ​Total Dissolved Solids
​E. coli ​Escherechia coli
​CaCO3 ​Calcium Carbonate
​Cl ​Chloride
​SO4 ​Sulfate
​Multi-Parameter Probe ​Measures Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, pH and Conductivity

Current Monitoring Table

After the data collection is completed for the watershed, a TMDL report is developed where the data are analyzed and TMDLs are calculated. The TMDL report is written incorporating details of monitoring, more descriptive information on impairments, watershed characteristics, and includes a calculation of the allowable load of pollutants and the allocation of this load to sources in the watershed.  There are several phases of TMDL document development.

Name ​Description ​Link
​Document Not Yet Begun ​Monitoring has started; it may or may not be completed, but writing has not yet begun.
​Working Draft ​Monitoring is completed and work has begun on writing the TMDL document, but the work is incomplete and/or the TMDL document has not yet been approved by the TMDL Section Supervisor.
​Preliminary Draft ​The TMDL document is complete in draft form and has been approved by the TMDL Section Supervisor; it will be sent for internal review and EPA preliminary review.
​Interim Draft ​Internal and EPA review is complete, but the document has not yet been sent to public notice.
​Public Notice ​The Proposed TMDL document is on 30-day public notice.
​Final Draft ​The 30-day public notice is complete, but the document has not yet been approved by EPA.
​Approved TMDL ​EPA has formally approved the TMDL, and issued an approval letter.

TMDLs Currently Being Written

NEW! KDOW has prepared a report that uses a streamlined method for developing TMDLs for surface waters that are impaired due to bacteria. To learn more, read the Fact Sheet for the Statewide Bacteria TMDL.

All draft TMDLs are published for public comment for a minimum of 30 days. After public review, all comments are addressed in writing and the TMDL may be revised based on comments received. The TMDL report and response to comments are submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 4, for approval.

After review and approval by EPA, the TMDL is published and the document may be used in watershed planning.  For more information on watershed planning and funding, please visit the Watershed Management Branch website at

In watersheds with an approved TMDL where implementation activities are taking place, KDOW may collect additional monitoring data.  This is called TMDL Effectiveness Monitoring, which measures to what extent the waterbody has improved and whether or not the waterbody now meets water quality standards.

TMDL Effectiveness Monitoring Table

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