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Division of Water

Division of Water
TMDL Health Reports

The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Section publishes pre- and post-monitoring reports that provide information about the Clean Water Act, the TMDL process, and relay scientific information about water quality and biological health in a “school grade” format.

The TMDL process begins with a list of waters that do not meet their designated
use(s) – for example, swimming, fishing or aquatic life -- and are thereby “impaired.” Waters on this list require additional chemical and biological monitoring to collect the necessary data for TMDL development.
If a stream segment is selected for TMDL development, the watershed is assessed to identify the potential sources of pollution and determine where the study sites will be located. This pre-monitoring process is described in the Initial Watershed Report. Once the monitoring is completed, the data are used to determine the current state of the watershed. This post-monitoring process is described in the Watershed Health Report, which not only highlights where improvement is needed within the watershed, but also describes the strengths of the watershed in hopes of protecting areas that are not yet impaired. To see if these reports are available for a watershed in your community, click on the basin that includes your city or town in the map below.
Pre-monitoring Reports: The Initial Watershed Reports describe why the watershed is being monitored, where the impaired streams are located within the watershed, and where the TMDL Section will monitor the watershed.
Post-monitoring Reports: In the Watershed Health Reports, both signs of water quality and signs of biological health receive a grade, A – F, based on numeric criteria, guidance values, or bioregion specific percentile data. These grades are then combined to achieve a watershed grade to demonstrate the overall health of the system.
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For more information about the grading process, click here.

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Click on a basin in the map to view its health reports. 

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