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Division of Water

Division of Water
Salt River Basin TMDL Health Reports

Salt River Basin Coordinator:

Dale Booth
Phone:  502-564-3410

 E-mail Katie McKone for more information on TMDL Health Reports.

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Pre-monitoring Reports:  The Initial Watershed Reports describe why the watershed is being monitored, where the impaired streams are located within the watershed, and where the TMDL Section will monitor the watershed.

Post-monitoring Reports:  In the Watershed Health Reports, both signs of water quality and signs of biological health receive a grade, A – F, based on numeric criteria, guidance values, or bioregion specific percentile data. These grades are then combined to achieve a watershed grade to demonstrate the overall health of the system.

For more information about the grading process, click here.



Health Report
Anderson, Mercer, Washington1/31/2012


Health Report
Anderson, Mercer, Washington8/25/2014C+
Spencer, Nelson, Bullitt9/14/2010C-