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Division of Water

Division of Water
Drought Monitor

The Drought Monitor is an excellent site for information on drought and what might lie ahead.  In terms of characterizing the severity and potential impacts of a drought, the Drought Monitor map is an invaluable companion resource to the Palmer Drought Severity Index.  Compared to the Palmer Drought Index, the Drought Monitor utilizes a more comprehensive approach to characterizing the severity of drought by incorporating multiple indices (including the Palmer Index), outlooks and current reports of drought impacts.  While visiting the Drought Monitor be sure to check out Forecasts, Current Conditions and Links for a wealth of timely and useful information.

Tracking drought blends science and art. No single definition of drought works for all circumstances, so people rely on drought indices to detect and measure droughts. However, no single index works under all circumstances, either. The Drought Monitor is a synthesis of multiple indices, outlooks and news accounts, that represents a consensus of federal and academic scientists.  A detailed description of the parameters used to create the Drought Monitor can be found here.

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