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Division of Water

Division of Water
Drought Monitoring and Assessment Links

Kentucky Mesonet - Network of near real-time climate reporting stations run by WKU. Click on the Live Data tab to get data that is reported every five minutes.
Midwest Regional Climate Center Drought Info - Provides numerous maps and forecasts related to drought for nine Midwest states, including Kentucky.
NWS Climate Prediction Center - Provides several precipitation and temperature outlook maps and drought assessment and monitor maps.

NWS NEXRAD Precipitation Estimates - One of the best tools for showing the amount and distribution of precipitation across the state
Paleoclimatology at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Paleoclimatology is the study of climate prior to the widespread availability of records of temperature, precipitation and other instrumental data.  Visit this site to learn about the study of climates long ago.  Check out The Story of Drought, a fascinating look at the history of drought in North America as far back as 10,000 years ago.
Palmer Drought Index - One of the more popular drought indicators used. Is a good drought indicator for long-term drought or excessive rainfall and is standardized to local climates so it can be applied to any part of the country.
The Kentucky Climate Center at Western Kentucky University - Home of the state climatologist and many unique and interesting features related to Kentucky climate, weather and drought.  Check out the Climate Watch page and the Index of Fact Sheets for interesting and historical weather facts and information.
University of Kentucky’s Drought Info Page - A great site for information on weather and climate in Kentucky with numerous links for a variety of climate- and weather-related topics.  The drought page is a good source for drought conditions throughout Kentucky.
USGS WaterWatch Real-Time Streamflow - U.S. Geological Survey maintains gages in all of Kentucky’s major river basins with real-time streamflow data and an extensive historical database.