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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division of Water

Division of Water
Drought Monitoring Center

The Kentucky Division of Water continuously monitors hydrologic conditions throughout the state, including precipitation, streamflows, lake elevations and various drought indices. This information is used to detect emerging drought conditions, to identify the locations and severity of drought and to provide timely and appropriate public notification. For purposes of drought planning and response, the state is divided up to 15 Drought Management Regions that are based upon the Area Development Districts. Each district is monitored individually to better determine which areas of the state are being impacted and allow a more focused response to those who are being affected.

Drought Management Regions



Current Indicator Levels

Percent of Average Soil Moisture, 0"-72" Layer Kentucky Drought Monitor USGS WaterWatch Real-Time Streamflows

Percent of Average Soil Moisture, 0”-72” Layer

U.S. State Monitor - Kentucky

   USGS WaterWatch Real-Time Streamflows

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