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Repair leaking toilets, faucets and hosesReplace existing toilet with a 1.6-gallon toilet that uses less water per flush
Shorten the length of showersReplace existing showerhead with a low-flow showerhead
Avoid running the water while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your faceInsulate your water pipes
Completely load dishwashers and clothes washers prior to operationReplace existing appliances with energy-efficient dishwashers and clothes washers. Dry clothes on a line installed in the garage or outside
Avoid using the garbage disposalBuild a compost pile in your backyard in which to place your food wastes
Water your lawn, shrubs and perennial plants in the morning and only when necessaryPlant native species for your geographic area
Adjust the lawn mower blade to at least 3 inches to maintain moisture and minimize drying of the grassUse minimum amounts of fertilizer for the lawn and plants
Avoid washing your carUse automatic car washes that recycle the water. If you wash your car at home, invest in high-quality soap, use warm water and turn off the water while washing