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2017 General Water Quality Certifications 2017 General Water Quality Certifications    52 6 weeks ago
Announcements Announcements  Use the Announcements list to post messages on the home page of your site.  0 4 years ago
Classifiction of Water Withdrawal Permits Classifiction of Water Withdrawal Permits    5 3 months ago
Coal Mining Coal Mining    8 17 months ago
Commonwealth of Kentucky Administrative Regulations Commonwealth of Kentucky Administrative Regulations    3 4 years ago
EPA Publications and Websites EPA Publications and Websites    21 4 years ago
EPA Test Methods EPA Test Methods    6 7 years ago
Federal Regulations Federal Regulations    4 4 years ago
For General Use and PT Study Results For General Use and PT Study Results    2 3 years ago
For Technical Assistance and General Contact Information For Technical Assistance and General Contact Information    9 2 years ago
General Permits General Permits    22 12 months ago
Individual Permit Documents Individual Permit Documents  table of waterbody classifications determines the types of documents that are required when conducting monitoring under an individual permit  7 17 months ago
Industrial Classification Systems Industrial Classification Systems    2 4 years ago
Kentucky Inter-System Operations Permits (formerly KIMOP) Kentucky Inter-System Operations Permits (formerly KIMOP)    2 7 years ago
Kentucky No Discharge Operational Permits (KNDOP) Kentucky No Discharge Operational Permits (KNDOP)    3 3 years ago
KLCP Documents KLCP Documents    4 16 months ago
KPDES Individual Permits KPDES Individual Permits    10 12 months ago
Laboratory Certification Documents Laboratory Certification Documents    4 4 years ago
Laboratory Certification Presentations Laboratory Certification Presentations    12 3 years ago
NetDMR FAQ NetDMR FAQ    21 5 years ago
Noncoal Mining Permit Noncoal Mining Permit    6 7 years ago
One-Time Discharge Program One-Time Discharge Program    1 3 years ago
Permitting and Approvals Permitting and Approvals    10 10 months ago
Pretreatment Annual Reports Pretreatment Annual Reports    3 2 months ago
Wastewater Certification Announcements Wastewater Certification Announcements    4 3 years ago
Wastewater Certification Documents Wastewater Certification Documents    30 11 months ago
Wastewater Construction Documents Wastewater Construction Documents    3 4 weeks ago
Wastewater Discharge Wastewater Discharge    10 3 years ago
Water Quality Certification of Nationwide Permits Water Quality Certification of Nationwide Permits    50 9 months ago
Water Quality Certification Staff Members (502) 564-3410 Water Quality Certification Staff Members (502) 564-3410    5 4 years ago
WET Testing Labs WET Testing Labs    24 5 years ago
Workflow Tasks Workflow Tasks  This system library was created by the Publishing feature to store workflow tasks that are created in this site.  0 5 weeks ago
Working in Streams and Wetlands Working in Streams and Wetlands    23 5 months ago
WQC Section Contact List for Consultants WQC Section Contact List for Consultants    28 3 years ago
WQC Updates WQC Updates    5 2 years ago