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2017 General Water Quality Certifications 2017 General Water Quality Certifications    52 8 months ago
Announcements Announcements  Use the Announcements list to post messages on the home page of your site.  0 5 years ago
Classifiction of Water Withdrawal Permits Classifiction of Water Withdrawal Permits    2 2 weeks ago
Coal Mining Coal Mining    8 2 years ago
Commonwealth of Kentucky Administrative Regulations Commonwealth of Kentucky Administrative Regulations    3 4 years ago
EPA Publications and Websites EPA Publications and Websites    21 4 years ago
EPA Test Methods EPA Test Methods    6 8 years ago
Federal Regulations Federal Regulations    4 18 hours ago
For General Use and PT Study Results For General Use and PT Study Results    2 3 years ago
For Technical Assistance and General Contact Information For Technical Assistance and General Contact Information    9 3 years ago
General Permits General Permits    22 3 months ago
Individual Permit Documents Individual Permit Documents  table of waterbody classifications determines the types of documents that are required when conducting monitoring under an individual permit  7 2 years ago
Industrial Classification Systems Industrial Classification Systems    2 18 hours ago
Kentucky Inter-System Operations Permits (formerly KIMOP) Kentucky Inter-System Operations Permits (formerly KIMOP)    2 8 years ago
Kentucky No Discharge Operational Permits (KNDOP) Kentucky No Discharge Operational Permits (KNDOP)    3 3 years ago
KLCP Documents KLCP Documents    4 2 years ago
KPDES Individual Permits KPDES Individual Permits    10 3 weeks ago
Laboratory Certification Documents Laboratory Certification Documents    4 4 years ago
Laboratory Certification Presentations Laboratory Certification Presentations    12 3 years ago
NetDMR FAQ NetDMR FAQ    21 6 years ago
Noncoal Mining Permit Noncoal Mining Permit    6 8 years ago
One-Time Discharge Program One-Time Discharge Program    1 4 years ago
Permitting and Approvals Permitting and Approvals    10 6 weeks ago
Pretreatment Annual Reports Pretreatment Annual Reports    1 6 weeks ago
Wastewater Certification Announcements Wastewater Certification Announcements    4 4 years ago
Wastewater Certification Documents Wastewater Certification Documents    29 4 months ago
Wastewater Construction Documents Wastewater Construction Documents    3 8 months ago
Wastewater Discharge Wastewater Discharge    10 4 years ago
Water Quality Certification of Nationwide Permits Water Quality Certification of Nationwide Permits    50 16 months ago
Water Quality Certification Staff Members (502) 564-3410 Water Quality Certification Staff Members (502) 564-3410    5 5 years ago
WET Testing Labs WET Testing Labs    24 6 years ago
Workflow Tasks Workflow Tasks  This system library was created by the Publishing feature to store workflow tasks that are created in this site.  20 2 days ago
Working in Streams and Wetlands Working in Streams and Wetlands    23 7 weeks ago
WQC Section Contact List for Consultants WQC Section Contact List for Consultants    28 3 years ago
WQC Updates WQC Updates    5 3 years ago