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Division of Water
Kentucky Wastewater Laboratory Certification Program (KWLCP)

This Web page is intended to provide useful information to wastewater laboratories submitting compliance sample results to the Kentucky Division of Water. This website is updated periodically, but should not be considered the most up-to-date mechanism for obtaining information.

Laboratories may review program updates, download useful documents or use this page as a reference to find other useful websites.
Click here for a list of Kentucky Wastewater Certified labs. NOTE: This list is updated monthly and not in real-time. This list may not contain the most up-to-date method-analyte list or certification status for laboratories. This list is intended to be a guidance document for KPDES permittees to find Kentucky Wastewater Laboratories certified in parameters required by their permit. 
If there are any discrepancies or concerns regarding any of the content within the Wastewater Laboratory List, please contact Division of Water Laboratory Certification Program at 502-564-3410 or email at

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 KWLCP Application Essentials


Application for Kentucky Wastewater Laboratory Certification Program (KWLCP)

​Tool for calculating IDC/ODC, MDL and RLS

​Diagram walkthrough for determining KWLCP application requirements

​KWLCP Method Analyte List for Field Only Laboratories

​Tool for preparing list of requested method/analyte pairings




General Laboratory Template for Standard Operating Procedures

General Laboratory Template for Quality Assurance Plan

Field only Laboratory Template for Standard Operating Procedures

Field only Laboratory Template for Quality Assurance Plan

Standard Operating Procedure Template for Field only Analysis of pH

Quality Assurance Plan Template for Field only analysis of pH

​Instructions for how to complete the Field pH only SOP and QAP Templates


 KWLCP Application Reference Documents


Wastewater Laboratory Certification Frequently Asked Questions

KWLCP Manual

KWLCP Regulation

KWLCP approved PT provider list


  KWLCP Technical Assistance Documents


2012 EPA Method Update Rule

​EPA Outline of Quality Standard for Environmental Data Collection, Production, and Use by Non-EPA (External) Organizations (CIO 2106-S-0.2.0)

KWLCP Approved EPA Compliant Alternative Test Procedure (ATP) Methods


Summary of documents required for using  an ATP method for Wastewater Compliance Sample Analysis

Alternative Test Method Requirements

Summary of documents required for using a method modification for Wastewater Compliance Sample Analysis

Factsheet for KPDES Permit Defined Total Nitrogen Determination and QC Requirements

Procedure for performing Laboratory DOC

​The objective of the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) in a laboratory

​​Kentucky Reporting Limits to meet Sufficiently Sensitive Permit Requirements

​EPA recent rule regarding the requirement for use of sufficiently sensitive methods

​Revised DMR Guidance Manual for KPDES Permit

​pH Only Stormwater Administrative Procedures for Multiple Facilities

​QC summary requirements for field-only laboratories performing pH analysis