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Division of Water

Division of Water

The Division of Water (DOW) reviews and approves Kentucky Inter-System Operating Permits (KISOPs) for the discharge of sewage from local jurisdictions into other municipal systems.

These permits are issued to publicly owned sewer systems that discharge to a wastewater treatment plant or a sewer system that is owned by another person and that exceeds 5,000 linear feet of sewer lines.

The KISOP is issued to the applicant and the permittee remains the responsible party for compliance with all applicable statutes and administrative regulations until DOW acknowledges receipt of a notarized certification of change in ownership.

KISOPs may contain special conditions that DOW deems necessary to ensure compliance with KRS Chapter 224 and administrative regulations. For example, the permit may specify the type and frequency of monitoring or analysis to be performed by the facility.

The permit is valid for five years from issue date and must be renewed to maintain continuous operation.

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