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A general permit (GP) is a Kentucky Pollution Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) permit, issued pursuant to 401 KAR 5:055, that authorizes the discharge of wastewater or stormwater into a body of water, or the use or disposal of sludge, from a specific category of sources within a specified geographical area.  As opposed to the conditions of an individual permit (IP), a general permit:
  • involves the same or substantially similar types of operations, 
  • discharges the same types of wastes or engages in the same types of sludge use or disposal practices,
  • requires the same effluent limitations, operating conditions, or standards,
  • requires the same or similar monitoring, and
  •  regulates this type of facility more efficiently than developing an individual permit.
General Permits and associated action forms are available for the following:



No Discharge Operational Permit - Closed loop and spray irrigation systems


​No Discharge Operational Permit - Small and Medium Animal Feeding Operations (AFO)​


Coal Mining Operations (Renewal 2014 - permit splits Kentucky east and west - KYGE4 and KYGW4 )

Inactive Mine Lands

​Construction Material Manufacturing Operations (concrete and asphalt plants) New General Permit


​Orphan Landfills with Leachate Discharges


​General Aviation Airports


​KYG20 – Phase II small MS4


​On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems Serving Individual Family Residences


​Highway Maintenance and Equipment Facilities​


​Drinking Water Production


​Public Swimming and Bathing Facilities - New GP


​Noncoal (Mineral) Mining Operations


​Pesticide Application


​Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activities​


​Stormwater Construction1,2


Change in Ownership Certification​


​No Discharge Certification


​Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activities - No Exposure

Note 1

Notice of Termination (Terminate coverage for any KPDES General Permit)1

Antidegradation (Additional information for some general and individual permits)

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan / Best Management Practices Plan (Additional information for some permits)

*A facility covered by an expired General Permit (GP) continues to be covered until the GP is reissued and in the interim shall comply with the expired GP. This GP is currently not available for new coverage. If a new KPDES permit is required, apply for an Individual Permit.
1 Resubmit upon reissuance of KYR00
2 The Notice of Termination form has changed
3 The KYR10 Notice of Intent has changed
A person responsible for a discharge of wastewater or stormwater into a body of water, or the use or disposal of sludge, seeking coverage under a general permit typically submits a Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Division of Water (some general permits automatically apply to all facilities in the affected category without the submittal of an NOI by individual facilities).  Historically, NOIs have been paper submittals; the Division of Water (DOW) is now moving towards electronic NOI (eNOI) submittals.  If the DOW has developed an eNOI for a general permit, then that eNOI must be used and must be submitted electronically via the Internet.
Each general permit specifies the deadlines for submitting an NOI and the time frame during which the facility is authorized to discharge under the general permit.
See Regulation 401 KAR 5:055, Scope and applicability of the KPDES program, Section 8, for the regulatory requirements pertaining to general permits.
Each General Permit and its related Fact Sheet, NOI (application, including instructions), Notice of Termination (NOT), and any applicable guidance document are available for download by clicking on the permit name in the table above. 
Note, the forms in PDF format can be printed onto paper and then information written or typed onto the paper.  The forms in Word format can have information entered into the document and then the completed document printed onto paper and the Word file saved.  For general permits for which an eNOI is not available, the Division of Water prefers that the Word version of a “paper” NOI be used and the facility submit an electronic copy of the Word file rather than submitting a paper copy. 
To submit an electronic file, go to (this can also be accessed by going to, moving your mouse cursor to “Online Services” in the yellow bar at the top of the page, and right clicking on “Electronic Submittals”), and login to your Kentucky Electronic Submittals website account (the first time you will need to register for an account, then login).  Note, the Kentucky Electronic Submittals website is not used for the submittal of an eNOI - this is accomplished by simply left clicking on the “Click to Submit to DEP,” “Submit Final Version to DEP,” or “Submit” button at the bottom of each eNOI form.
Please note that each application contains instructions for completing the form.  Additionally, the Division of Water and the Division of Compliance Assistance have developed guidance documents to assist you in completing some of the application forms.  As needed, the Division of Water will also develop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) documents.
You may use the eSearch tools identified below to get up-to-date information on permits, registrations, registered-permits-by-rule, general permits, and other approvals pending or issued by the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection.
Questions regarding General Permits should be sent to or phone 502-564-3410 and ask for Surface Water Permit Branch Support.