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Division of Water

Division of Water
Drinking Water Plans Review

The review of drinking water plans and projects includes the use of the 1997 edition of  Recommended Standards for Water Works, also referred to as Ten State Standards. This is a guide to the design and preparation of plans and specifications for public water supply systems. Available from Health Education Services (HES).

DRINKING WATER FORMS Forms include waterline submittal checklist, sanction exception form and monitoring and reporting forms.

CONSTRUCTION PERMITS  Prior to issuing a construction permit, the Division of Water (DOW) reviews plans and specifications with respect to sanitary features of design. The waterline submittal checklist form (#DEP7102) should accompany the application submittal.

OPERATIONAL PERMITS  Operational permits are issued for water treatment systems that produce their own drinking water. These permits address sampling and analytical laboratory requirements, frequency of reporting, operator certification requirements and special conditions that may be required. If a new treatment plant is proposed or the source of raw water for an existing water system is to be changed, then water quality analyses are required.  Refer to the general design criteria for surface water systems and groundwater systems. The waterline submittal checklist form (#DEP7102) should accompany the application. Preliminary engineering plans submitted by accredited engineers are reviewed for new or upgraded water treatment facilities. 

SANCTIONS  The DOW also reviews requests for sanctions, which include waterline extension sanctions and tap-on sanctions. The Sanction Exception Form must accompany exception requests.  This document provides more information on sanctions.

REGULATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS  For a complete list of requirements on the design, construction and approval of drinking water treatment systems and water distribution, refer to public water supply regulations in 401 KAR 8:100. For a list of applicable fees for the permits, refer to the regulations in 401 KAR 8:050.

WATERLINE EXTENSIONS  The DOW reviews and approves plans for waterline extensions, pump stations and storage tanks.

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