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Division of Water

Division of Water
Groundwater Databases and Well Records

Water well and monitoring well construction records are submitted to the Watershed Management Branch by Kentucky Certified Water Well Drillers, in compliance with state well construction regulations 401 KAR 6:310 and 401 KAR 6:350. Additionally, Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) staff and staff from other agencies conduct inspections on reported, unreported and pre-law water wells, and springs. The information provided to Division of Water (DOW) includes well or spring owner information; location information about these sites; and analytical data from samples collected after well installation, and during well inspections and spring inventories.

Data management and support staff review all submitted well construction records for compliance with the state well construction regulations. Well inspection, spring inventory and analytical data are also reviewed. Upon review, section staff compile the data provided and these data are then scanned electronically and maintained in the DEP Consolidated Groundwater Database (GWDB).

Staff members are then able to assemble and analyze data from these databases to make assessments concerning the quality of the groundwater resources throughout the state. They also perform extensive mapping of well and spring locations and wellhead protection areas throughout the state on U.S. Geological Survey 1:24000 topographic maps. Wells, springs and wellhead protection areas are also mapped electronically.

The GWDB currently contains data on more than 76,000 wells and springs located throughout the Commonwealth, with approximately 3,000 additional wells and springs being added to the database annually. computer.png
Groundwater data from the DEP Consolidated Groundwater Database are provided to the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) and maintained in their database, the Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository, and to the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority and maintained in their database, Water Resource Information System.

If you are seeking information on springs, water wells or monitoring wells, KGS is the official state repository for groundwater information. All state agencies are required to provide their groundwater information to KGS; KGS then makes the data available on the web. You can search their data online for groundwater information, including DOW data, on well and spring locations, well installation information, and water quality analysis results through their Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository.

Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository

There you can search using various methods, including by county, by driller, or by radius around entered coordinates, using the provided tools. (Select the “Tools” tab on the right; the default is the “Map Info | Configuration” tab). Additionally, there is a link from this tab to the KGSGeoPortal, where you can access many different types of maps and databases for Kentucky.


If you require further information on a particular well once you’ve located it through your KGS search, you may request a copy of the scanned image of the well record by providing the corresponding AKGWA numbers in a request to DOW utilizing the Kentucky Open Records Act (KORA) program at Please note that DOW’s water wells begin with 0 (000x-xxxx), monitoring wells begin with 8 (800x-xxxx) and springs begin with 9 (900x-xxxx).  For other numbers, which are shown below with their associated organization, you will need to contact KGS.

3000s  Department of Energy NURE wells (National Uranium Resource Evaluation wells
            from the 1980s)
4000s  USGS Water Resources Division; National Park Service and TVA
5000s  KGS, University of Kentucky (UK) Geology, UK Water Resources Lab, and Eastern Kentucky University
6000s  Kentucky Natural Resources Cabinet
7000s  Unknown, Center for Cave and Karst Studies at Western Kentucky University

Other sources of information that may be useful to you…

Various Division of Water information, such as DOW Wellhead Protection Area delineations, DOW Permitted Facilities, DOW Permitted Water Withdrawals, etc., can be accessed via the Kentucky Watershed Viewer.

The KYGeoNet is another useful resource. Locations of and limited analytical information from groundwater sources have been incorporated into the geospatial databases for groundwater point layers. The water well, monitoring well and spring categories are updated quarterly, while the categories for ambient groundwater monitoring sites (wells and springs) and each of the five basin management unit (BMU) sample sites (wells and springs) are relatively static, and thus are updated as needed. These groundwater point layers were created to serve many purposes and programs.

The Groundwater Section uses these point layers during the developmental stages of groundwater quality studies and reports. These data are also used to produce maps showing the spatial distribution of analytical data related to groundwater sampling.

Other state agencies employ the groundwater point layers when characterizing a site, such as underground storage tank sites, Superfund sites, and sites being investigated by the Environmental Response Team. Knowing the precise location of groundwater sources and/or sampling points is crucial for groundwater remediation and early warning in the event of a toxic release.

The groundwater layer files can be downloaded from the KYGeoNet.

Additionally, you can visit DOW’s GIS page for electronic information.
For all other inquiries regarding groundwater data contact: