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Division of Water

Division of Water
Well Drillers Program


The Technical Services staff of the Groundwater Section coordinates the Well Drillers Certification Program for water well and monitoring well drillers in accordance with 401 KAR 6:320.

The section also fields questions regarding compliance with state well construction regulations (401 KAR 6:310) and questions regarding problems with and maintenance of water wells and monitoring wells (401 KAR 6:350). 

In addition, section staff publish the Kentucky Driller Quarterly newsletter and maintain a current directory of certified water well drillers.

Photo of a Drilling Rig 

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Several publications to help you with your water well can be found on the water well related concerns page.
Online recertification is available annually from June 1 through Aug. 31.


 Recertify OnlineRecertify Online Instructions  


Online well record submittal is available via the link below.


 Submit Well Records OnlineWell Record eForm Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you need to have a continuous live connection to the Internet to use the eForm?
A: Yes, it is a Web site that requires a session. If the session is lost, it won’t work.

Q: How can you report outer casing – does the casing depth get checked to prevent overlaps?
A: The first row in the casing section will load directly to the casing section of our database. Any additional rows that you add to report additional casing or outer casing will load into a comments field. The reviewer will need to move the information from the comments field to the outer casing section of the database on a case-by-case basis. To report outer casing – add a row in the casing section, but you may also want to note in the comments field of the eForm that you reported outer casing.

Q: Can I load a computer-aided design (CAD) file as an attachment?
A: According to the Environmental Systems Research Institute’s (ESRI) Web site, ArcMap can access the following CAD formats directly:

  • AutoCAD drawing files (.dwg) up to AutoCAD 2008
  • AutoCAD .dxf files up to AutoCAD 2008
  • Microstation design files (.dgn) up to version 8

If you upload a CAD drawing, be sure to specify the map projection/coordinate system used. More information on CAD formats supported by ArcMap may be found here.

Q: How can I determine the latitude and longitude for a well if I don’t have a Geographical Positioning System (GPS) unit?
A: There are several Web sites that allow you to search for a location to determine the associated latitude and longitude. Several sites are listed below:


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