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Division of Water

Division of Water
Water Well Related Concerns

Private water wells are an important source of water for domestic use, livestock and irrigation. Water quality and its effect on human health, livestock and crops is a major concern. 

Properly constructed and maintained water wells help ensure that safe, potable water is supplied. The Technical Services personnel of the Groundwater Section administers the Water Well Drillers Certification Program, which requires certification of water well drillers and also that the wells they drill meet the minimum construction standards. A current directory of certified water well drillers is available.

Private water well owners should be aware of land-use practices and potential sources of contamination adjacent to their wells, which could have an impact on groundwater quality. These may include the application of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to crops and lawns, animal grazing and feeding operations, illegal dumps (such as in a sinkhole) and improperly constructed or maintained septic systems. In addition, some naturally occurring chemicals, such as iron and manganese, can degrade water quality. The Groundwater Section can advise well owners of the best ways to treat for these and other common water quality problems. Additionally, the cabinet's generic Groundwater Protection Plan for Domestic Water Well Owners contains many additional ways to protect your well and well water.



 Helpful Publications for Water Wells

Methane Gas and Your Water Well
This Division of Water fact sheet provides explanations and recommendations for proper maintenance of your water well.
Protecting Your Well and Water Supply
A groundwater protection plan for domestic well owners. Other groundwater protection plans are available on the generic groundwater protection plan download page.
Routine Water Well Maintenance and Disinfection Guide
This guide, prepared by the Groundwater Section, provides maintenance and disinfection information in a useful question-answer format and includes many "how-to" charts and diagrams.
Technical Guidance for Well Construction and Ground Water Protection
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Division of Drinking and Ground Waters has published an excellent technical guidance for well construction which may be accessed through this link.