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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division of Water

Division of Water
Technical Services

The Technical Services staff administers the Well Drillers Certification Program, the statewide Ambient Groundwater Monitoring Program and provides technical groundwater expertise to federal, state and local agencies, as well as to the public.  In addition, personnel are engaged in several other groundwater mapping and water quality studies in order to characterize and manage this important resource.

Ambient Groundwater Monitoring Program
The Technical Services personnel conduct routine groundwater monitoring at approximately 70 sites across the Commonwealth to determine ambient groundwater quality conditions.

Water Well Drillers Certification Program
The Technical Services staff coordinates this program, which includes certification for water well and monitoring well drillers, maintains a current directory of certified water well and monitoring well drillers, and publishes the Kentucky Driller Quarterly, a quarterly newsletter.

Technical Assistance
The Technical Services staff provides technical groundwater expertise to federal, state and local agencies, organizations and the public to solve groundwater and water well problems.
The section provides assessment, analysis and field investigations for state emergency response to hazardous materials spills, spring and wellhead protection area delineation, water supply regulation and nonpoint source pollution studies. Personnel expertise exists in karst groundwater-tracer investigations, and staff assist numerous county health departments in testing and identifying failed septic systems and evaluating sinkholes.
Since 1996, section personnel have collaborated in a cooperative program with the Kentucky Geological Survey to compile and publish maps of karst and nonkarst areas on a 1:100,000 scale. This series of innovative maps show karst and nonkarst areas based on outcrop of soluble rocks, major identified stream sinks and springs, traced groundwater flow routes, karst drainage basins, intermittent karst lakes and sources of referenced data.

The Technical Services staff maintains a clearinghouse for dye-trace notifications to Division of Water regional field offices. This service helps to avoid cross-contamination of tracer tests within Kentucky and provides timely information to concerned citizens who may report the occasional dye-discoloration of surface waters. 
Technical Services personnel also conducts limited focused groundwater studies. These studies are conducted in a similar manner to the main program so data are compatible and comparable across the studies. Most of the studies concentrate on groundwater quality in a particular area or study a particular pollutant (such as pesticides or nitrate).

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