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Division of Water

Division of Water
Permit Reviews

Groundwater Protection Plans, and Wellhead Protection Plans require review and approval to ensure compliance with 401 KAR 5:037 and 401 KAR 4:220.

Groundwater Protection Plan
The Groundwater Protection Plans, GPPs, focus on public outreach and education regarding ac¬tivities that can threaten groundwater.  A wide variety of activities conducted by individuals and companies throughout Kentucky require GPPs 401 KAR 5:037.  Emphasis is placed on offering onsite technical assistance to facilities and the public to identify best management practices (BMPs) needed to protect the groundwater from activities that have the potential to contaminate groundwater. 

A guidance document, “Preparing a Groundwater Protection Plan,” has been developed by groundwater staff to assist the public and the regulated community with development of their GPP.

Groundwater Staff Inspecting BMPs at Fuel Tank Site
Wellhead Protection
Wellhead and Springhead Protection Plans are developed by groundwater users to protect their drinking water source.  Kentucky's Wellhead Protection and Source Water Assessments and Protection Plan regulations require Public Water Suppliers to develop Wellhead Protection and Source Water Assessments that delineate the areas to their water sources, determine their susceptibility to contamination, develop strategies to manage potential contaminants, and to plan for future uses.  Wellhead Protection and Source Water Assessments are authorized through the Water Supply Planning Regulation 401 KAR 4:220.

Educational and technical assistance is available to public water systems that are required to develop Wellhead Protection Plans and/or Source Water Assessments. 


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