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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division of Water

Division of Water
Monitoring Projects

The Technical Services staff of the Groundwater Section conduct a variety of groundwater monitoring projects throughout the state.  Groundwater monitoring is an important tool necessary for understanding and managing this vital resource. 

For most projects, groundwater samples are analyzed for a variety of parameters, including total and dissolved metals, nutrients, pesticides and volatile organic compounds.  Data from these investigations are maintained electronically and in print copy format and are also forwarded to the Groundwater Data Repository maintained by the Kentucky Geological Survey where this information is readily available to researchers, other agencies and the public.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
To accomplish consistent groundwater sampling and comparability of resulting data requires the development and use of standard operating procedures.  The groundwater section has several such documents, which may be accessed by the following links:

Additional information on quality assurance (QA) practices may be found on the QA pages located at this link - Kentucky Quality Assurance.

Complaints and Environmental Spills

The Groundwater Section often assists field personnel with complaints and environmental spills involving groundwater and sites with overriding groundwater or geological concerns.

When complaints and spills are investigated, the need for groundwater sampling is evaluated on a site-specific basis.