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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division of Water

Division of Water
Groundwater Technical Assistance

The Groundwater Section provides technical groundwater expertise to federal, state and local agencies, and to organizations and the general public for assistance with groundwater and water well problems.

Technical assistance includes assessment, analysis and field investigations for state emergency responses to hazardous materials spills, wellhead protection area delineations, water supply regulation and nonpoint source pollution studies. The section maintains expertise in karst groundwater-tracer investigations and assists numerous county health departments in testing and identifying failed septic systems and evaluating sinkholes.  Photo of a spring
Groundwater studies follow strict protocols so that data collected throughout the state are comparable. Most of the studies concentrate on groundwater quality in a particular area, such as a watershed, or focus on particular pollutants of concern, such as pesticides or nitrates.

Groundwater and Geological Issues
The Groundwater Section hydrogeologists and geologists can provide information and assistance on groundwater and geology in Kentucky.

Groundwater Contamination Issues
The Groundwater Section deals with a variety of groundwater contamination issues throughout the state, such as leaking underground storage tanks, and can either assist you with these issues or direct you to the appropriate personnel responsible for site-specific investigations.

Underground Injection
The Groundwater Section is familiar with the issues involved in underground injection; however, at this time, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region IV, Atlanta, has primacy over this program.