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Division of Water

Division of Water
Groundwater Quality Reports

The Groundwater Section has prepared numerous publications, posters and maps regarding groundwater quality in Kentucky.
The scope and detail of these reports vary with the specific topics and regions discussed.  Some reports focus on a few parameters examined statewide (i.e., pesticides and herbicides), while others consider a wide array of chemical and physical characteristics in a small, well-defined area.  We also prepare groundwater quality reports for the basin management units (BMU 1-5) within Kentucky. 
 Map and Boxplot from GW Quality Reports

These reports generally attempt to distinguish between naturally occurring constituents in groundwater and manmade impacts.  However, there is an overlap of manmade and naturally occurring contaminants.  These include, but are not limited to, bacteria, nitrogen compounds and suspended solids. 

The Groundwater Section administers several projects in order to assess nonpoint source pollution impacts to groundwater in Kentucky:

As our knowledge regarding groundwater quality increases, so does our understanding of this natural resource.   Each report and research project builds upon the preceding information, analyses and interpretations.

In conjunction with Interagency Technical Advisory Committee on Groundwater, the Kentucky Division of Water has systematically sampled ambient groundwater for more than 20 years. These data have been analyzed to characterize groundwater trends in Kentucky. In the report, Report on the Condition of Ambient Groundwater in Kentucky: Analysis of the Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network Data, delineates more specifically where these statewide trends originate and characterizes differences by physiographic region and source.

Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) has the following groundwater quality reports available:

or you can search their database for other KGS publications.

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