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Division of Water
Fayette County - North Elkhorn Watershed Early Demonstration Project

The Kentucky Division of Water is partnering with FEMA to conduct an Early Demonstration Project (EDP) to develop Flood Risk Datasets as part of the Risk MAP program for the North Elkhorn Watershed (HUC 051002050801) in Fayette County, Kentucky.  The Flood Risk Datasets provide supplemental data to a Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) database including:

  1. Changes Since Last FIRM data
  2. Flood Depth and Analysis Grids
    1. Depth grids for the 10 percent, 4 percent, 2 percent, 1 percent, and 0.2 percent flood event analyses
    2. Percent annual chance of flooding grids
    3. Percent chance of being flooded in a 30-year period grid
  3. Flood Risk Assessment
    1. 2010 HAZUS Annualized Average Loss (AAL) results reported at the census block level
    2. HAZUS results (at the census block level) using depth grids for new/revised flood studies
    3. Annualized loss analysis using 10 percent, 4 percent, 2 percent, 1percent, and 0.2 percent annual chance depth grids

The initial Discovery meeting was held on Nov. 22, 2010, in Lexington.  The Flood Risk Products meeting was conducted on Jan. 5, 2011; additional meetings to deliver draft and final flood risk products are scheduled for February 2011.  Project completion is expected by March 2011.   See the links below for more information regarding the North Elkhorn EDP.

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