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KY Division of Water

Division of Water
Wastewater Municipal Planning Section

​The Wastewater Municipal Planning Section (WMPS) reviews 20-year regional planning documents for municipal (public) facilities, as required by 401 KAR 5:006.  Reviewers look for efficiency through regionalization and application of the best available technology with the primary focus on preventing municipal water pollution.

Section Supervisor:  Russell Neal

Responsibilities and Functions

  • The WMPS is responsible for the planning of municipal wastewater collection and treatment systems, with emphasis on projet implement ability, environmental soundness and cost effectiveness.

    Facilities plans prepared by the municipalities or sewer districts and an engineering consultant meet with WMPS in a preplanning meeting to discuss the elements of the plan, project scope and timing, feasibility, alternatives and conceptual planning.  When the plan arrives at WMPS, a project engineer reviews it for compliance with regulation 401 KAR 5:006.  The project engineer is responsible for seeking comments from various environmental agencies such as the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, Kentucky Heritage Council and Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission.  The project engineer then drafts a State Planning and Environmental Assessment Report (SPEAR) or a Categorical Exclusion Determination and forwards it to the commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection for approval.  SPEARS are then sent to the State Clearinghouse for review.  On receiving comments from the clearinghouse, the project engineer prepares the final approval.

    The application is required to give public notice of the facilities plan in the local area and invite public comment. For the convenience of municipalities, the public and consultants, samples of Notice of Public Hearing are available from this site.

  • The WMPS also places sewer sanctions on those wastewater treatment plants that are at or above 90 percent or 95 percent of their hydraulic and/or organic capacity. This Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Program was devised to help municipalities avoid possible violations and fines by beginning planning on a timely basis to meet the community’s economic and population growth.  See theSewer Sanction Release List.  You may also access the Sewer Sanction Exemption Request Form.  Contact Russell Neal at 502-782-7026 or by email at if you have questions about these documents.

  • The WMPS also estimates the funds public wastewater systems need to meet Clean Water Act requirements.  The Federal Clean Watershed Needs Survey, as approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, provides more information.

    The WMPS prepares a priority list, ranking the order of wasterwater improvement projects eligible to borrow money at a low interest rate from the state revolving fund.

Facility Plan Guidance Document

Asset Inventory Report Form