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Collapse Division of WaterDivision of Water
Public Notices
Citizen's Concerns
Contact Us
Agency Information
Regulations in Process
Effective KPDES and Drinking Water Regulations
Quality Assurance
Water Infrastructure Branch
Compliance and Technical Assistance Branch
Surface Water Permits Branch
Resource Planning and Program Support Branch
Water Quality Branch
Watershed Management Branch
Standard Operating Procedures
Fact Sheets
Annual Reports
Kentucky Nutrient Reduction Strategy
Wastewater Municipal Planning Section
Wastewater Advisory Council
Kentucky Water Resources Board
DOW Comments on Federal Regulations and Permits
Collapse Dam SafetyDam Safety
Dam Safety
Dam Safety
Dam Construction
Dam Inspections
Dam Safety Downloads
Dam Safety Staff
Collapse Drinking WaterDrinking Water
Drinking Water
Drinking Water
Information for Consumers
Annual Compliance Reports
Consumer Confidence Reports
Information for Water Treatment Professionals
Capacity Development
Kentucky Drinking Water Laboratory Certification Program (KDWLCP)
Backflow and Backsiphonage
Compliance and Technical Assistance Staff
Public Notification
Technical Documents
Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water
Drinking Water Associations
Capacity Development Tools
Drinking Water Source Assessment and Protection
Programs and Resources
Drinking Water Advisory Council
Collapse FloodplainFloodplain
Floodplain Management
Floodplain Compliance
Floodplain Construction
Floodplain Construction Forms
Map Modernization
Business Plan
DFirm Study Status
Production Overview
National Flood Insurance Program
Floodplain Management Downloads
Local Role
National Flood Insurance Program Links
Permitting Requirements
State Role
Brief History of the National Flood Insurance Program
Violating the Community Agreement
Choosing to not Participate
Risk Map
Fayette County - North Elkhorn Watershed Early Demonstration Project
Salt River - Discovery Early Demonstration Project
Collapse FundingFunding
Clean Water State Revolving Fund
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
EPA Special Appropriation Grants
Nonpoint Source Funding
Funding Resources
CWSRF Intended Use Plan
DWSRF Intended Use Plan
The Green Project Reserve
The Green Project Reserve
SRF Forms
Collapse GISGIS
NHD Stewardship
GIS and Data Analysis Section
NHD Karst Atlas
Collapse GroundwaterGroundwater
Groundwater Protection
Groundwater Education
Groundwater Protection Plans
Groundwater Technical Assistance
Groundwater Contamination Issues
Karst Hydrological Issues
Dye Trace Notification
Septic Systems and Onsite Disposal Issues
Water Well Related Concerns
Well Drillers Program
Kentucky Driller Quarterly
Monitoring and Assessment
Monitoring Projects
Ambient Groundwater Monitoring Program
Groundwater Quality Reports
Groundwater Awareness
Water Supply Protection
Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment - Other Reports
Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment - Basin Management Unit Reports
Groundwater Section
Permit Reviews
Technical Services
Groundwater Databases and Well Records
Water Well Drillers Certification Board Meetings
Source Water Protection Assistance Program
Collapse Nonpoint Source PollutionNonpoint Source Pollution
Nonpoint Source Pollution
Nonpoint Source Pollution Control
Related Links
Collapse Permitting and ApprovalsPermitting and Approvals
Permits and Approvals
Drinking Water Plans Review
Wastewater Discharge
Combined Sewer Overflows
What are combined sewers and combined sewer overflows?
Requirements and expenses for cities with CSOs
Animal Feeding Operations and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
Oil and Gas
Noncoal Mining Permit
Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing
WET Testing Labs
WET Permits
Kentucky Water Quality Certification Program
About General Permits
General Water Quality Certification
Government and Consultant Contacts
General Conditions of the Water Quality Certification
General Information
Project Manager and Staff Contacts
Water Withdrawal Permitting
Wild Rivers Permits
Supporting Documents and Guidelines
Mining References
Wastewater Collection System Plans Review
NetDMR Information
Obtaining a Water Quality Certification
Who Needs Section 401 Water Quality Certification?
Applying for Certification
Program Development
Kentucky Wastewater Laboratory Certification Program (KWLCP)
Certification Forms
Kentucky Laboratory Certification Program (KLCP)
Dental Amalgam Rule
Collapse PlaygroundPlayground
Welcome to a New Day
Collapse Project WET - Worldwide Water EducationProject WET - Worldwide Water Education
Project WET - Worldwide Water Education
Project WET Educators
Project WET Facilitators
Book Orders
Forms for Project WET Facilitators
Collapse Water AvailabilityWater Availability
Water Availability
Drought Monitoring Center
About Drought
Weather and Climate
Water Conservation
Drought Mitigation and Response Advisory Council
Water Management
Water Supply Planning
Drought Monitor
Drought Monitoring and Assessment Links
Drought Indices
Water Shortage Watch
Current Drought Indicators
Collapse Water QualityWater Quality
Water Quality
Water Advisories
Fish Consumption Advisories
Swimming Advisories
Total Maximum Daily Load Program
Total Maximum Daily Load Program
Total Maximum Daily Load Program
Total Maximum Daily Load Program
Total Maximum Daily Load Program
Special Use Waters
Water Quality References
Water Quality Standards
Integrated 305b/303d Report
Useful Links
Water Quality Support Maps
Water Quality Monitoring
TMDL Health Reports
Four Rivers Basin TMDL Health Reports
Green and Tradewater Rivers Basin TMDL Health Reports
Salt River Basin TMDL Health Reports
Kentucky River Basin TMDL Health Reports
Upper Cumberland River Basin TMDL Health Reports
Licking River Basin TMDL Health Reports
Big Sandy/Little Sandy/Tygarts Basin TMDL Health Reports
Total Maximum Daily Load Program
Total Maximum Daily Load Program
Harmful Algal Blooms
Wetland Monitoring and Assessment
Kentucky Wetland Rapid Assessment Method (KY-WRAM)
Collapse Watershed PlanningWatershed Planning
Watershed Planning
Four River Basins
Green and Tradewater Rivers Basin
Salt River Basin
Upper Cumberland River Basin
Kentucky River Basin
Licking River Basin
Big Sandy Little Sandy and Tygarts Basin
Watershed Steering Committee
Big Sandy Basin Team Members and Minutes
Kentucky River Basin Team Members and Minutes
Licking River Basin Team Members and Minutes
Upper Cumberland River Basin Team Members and Minutes
Four Rivers Basin Team Members and Minutes
Green and Tradewater Rivers Basin Team Members and Minutes
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)
Watershed Management Framework
Watershed Management Framework Stakeholders
Watershed Management Funding
Planning Assistance
Watershed Management Monitoring and Assessment
Watershed Planning Guidebook
Floyds Fork
Floyds Fork Technical Advisory Committee
Watershed Mini-Grants
Collapse Wet WeatherWet Weather
Wet Weather
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)
MS4 Links
Collapse Watershed WatchWatershed Watch
Watershed Watch
Watershed Watch
Big Sandy Watershed Watch
Upper Green River Watershed Watch
Salt River Watershed Watch
Tradewater/Lower Green Watershed Watch
Salt River Watershed Watch Events
Equipment List
Equipment Calendar
Collapse Introduction to Watershed Watch WorkshopIntroduction to Watershed Watch Workshop
introduction to watershed watch program and hands on training for field chemistry and grab sample procedures.
Collapse Water WatchWater Watch
A volunteer water monitoring program.
Kentucky Water Watch
Water Quality Monitoring Projects
Community Leadership and Action
Community Education Initiatives
Environmental Education Equipment
Enviroscape Materials
Stream Table
Display Boards
Ollie Otter Mascot Suit
Water Watch Groups