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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Kentucky Division of Water

Division of Water
Surface Water Permits Branch

The Surface Water Permits Branch issues permits to control the amount of pollutants that can be discharged to the surface waters of the Commonwealth. It issues operational permits for wastewater and stormwater discharges, construction permits for new and expanded wastewater treatment plants and floodplain construction projects. 

Manager: Sara Beard
Telephone: 502-782-6886

Sections and Supervisors

    Engineering Consultant

    Branch Responsibilities

    • Review and approve KPDES permit applications for municipalities, all domestic or sanitary wastewater treatment facilities, all industrial wastewater discharges (including coal facilities and oil and gas operations), all agricultural operations (CAFOs) and stormwater point source discharges (Phases I and II).
    • Issue KPDES permits (watershed permitting) in accordance with the Kentucky Watershed Management Framework.
    • Review, approve and oversee pretreatment programs for industrial discharges to publicly owned wastewater treatment works.
    • Coordinate the WLA program for the agency.
    • Conduct water quality modeling and field sampling to develop WLAs to be used in KPDES permits.  
    • Review and approve construction and KPDES permits for individual home residences.
    • Review and approve construction and no-discharge (KNDOP) permits for wastewater including industrial, sanitary and agricultural operations (AFOs).
    • Review and approve Kentucky Inter-System Operating Permits (KISOPs) for the discharge of sewage from local jurisdictions into other municipal systems.
    • Issue KPDES permits to address combined sewer overflows at municipal sewer systems.
    • Coordinate the registration of oil and gas tank batteries, transport off site of produced water and holding pit construction permits.
    • Review and make recommendations to the Department of Revenue on all pollution control tax exemption requests.
    • Administer KPDES public notice activities, including scheduling and conducting public hearings.
    • Maintain Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) computer database used to track KPDES permits.
    • Maintain discharge monitoring reports used to track compliance by permit holders.
    • Administer Discharge Monitoring Report  - Quality Assurance (DMR-QA) program.
    • Administer KPDES permit fee system.
    • Promote and coordinate the regionalization of wastewater treatment facilities.
    • Develop and maintain application forms and other informational documents used in the KPDES program.
    • Assist permittees in application for and compliance with permits.

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