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Division of Water

Division of Water
Regulations in Process

Regulation Promulgation Process

Promulgation is the formal process of putting an administrative regulation into effect. The document below, prepared by DOW, is an informal interpretation of the process for promulgating administrative regulations, as governed by KRS Chapter 13A. It is not a complete legal interpretation of the statute. KRS Chapter 13A is available through the website of the LRC. Please see the explanation of the LRC website at the top of this page.

Regulation Promulgation Process 

Pending Regulations

Documents related to regulations currently in the promulgation process are located below. The official version of proposed administrative regulations will be available on the LR


 Proposed amendments after comments to 5 regulations in 401 KAR Chapter 5 – Water Quality​​

Public Notice - Chapter 5 SOC and AAC regs 8-8-18
5-002 AAC 8-7-18
5-005 AAC 8-7-18
5-015 AAC 8-7-18
5-037 AAC 8-7-18
5-320 AAC 8-7-18
Chapter 5 SOC 8-7-18

​​Proposed amendments after comments to Materials Incorporated By Reference in 401 KAR Chapter 5 – Water Quality​ ​​​​​​​​​