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Division of Water

Division of Water
Fact Sheets

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For more Fact Sheets, please click here to visit the Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA).

Bottled Water.pdfBottled Water
Clean Water Act Summary.pdfClean Water Act Summary
Consumer Confidence Report.pdfConsumer Confidence Report
Dam Safety.pdfDam Safety
Division of Water Permits.pdfDivision of Water Permits
Emergency Stream Restoration.pdfEmergency Stream Restoration
Emergency Water Treatment.pdfEmergency Water Treatment
Fertilize Wise.pdfFertilize Wise
Floodplain Management.pdfFloodplain Management
Gravel Removal from Streams.pdfGravel Removal from Streams
Groundwater Awareness.pdfGroundwater Awareness
Groundwater Protection -- Wells.pdfGroundwater Protection -- Wells
Healthy Streams and Riparian Zones.pdfHealthy Streams and Riparian Zones
Managing Pet Waste and Wildlife.pdfManaging Pet Waste and Wildlife
National Flood Insurance Program.pdfNational Flood Insurance Program
Nonpoint Source Pollution.pdfNonpoint Source Pollution
PCBs in Fish.pdfPCBs in Fish
Prevent Pipes from Freezing.pdfPrevent Pipes from Freezing
Protecting Water from Pollutants.pdfProtecting Water from Pollutants
Public Participation Process.pdfPublic Participation Process
Rain Gardens.pdfRain Gardens
Removal of Stream Obstructions.pdfRemoval of Stream Obstructions
Safe Drinking Water Act.pdfSafe Drinking Water Act
Statewide Bacteria TMDL.pdfStatewide Bacteria TMDL
Stormwater Construction Permit.pdfStormwater Construction Permit
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