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Division of Water
NHD Karst Atlas

Kentucky Karst Atlas Integration Status

NHD-Kentucky Karst Data Integration Workgroup
Kentucky's NHD currently does not include data on areas influenced by natural or manmade subsurface features such as karst aquifers, storm water drainage systems and mine works. The NHD-Kentucky Karst Data Integration Workgroup was established to begin incorporating these components.
Subsurface mapping exists in the Kentucky Karst Atlas Map Series prepared by the Kentucky Geological Survey in cooperation with Kentucky Division of Water. This ongoing project is digitized at 1:24000 map scale and published at 1:100000 map scale and consists of three datasets:
  1. Karst monitoring and dye injection sites showing the locations of sinkholes, springs and other karst-related geologic features associated with dye trace studies.
  2. Karst dye trace flow paths depicting inferred subsurface flow between monitoring/dye injection sites.
  3. Karst groundwater basin boundaries delineated using cave maps and dye trace data.
The workgroup has recently completed a pilot project to
  1. Review current Kentucky karst terminology to determine if new feature types are needed for the NHD.
  2. Digitize existing karst data within the pilot study area into the NHD.
  3. Illustrate local deviation of karst drainage from surface hydrologic boundaries.
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