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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division of Water

Division of Water
Funding Resources



Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection
A searchable database of financial assistance sources (grants, loans, cost-sharing) available to fund a variety of watershed protection projects.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Private Lands Council: Summary of Assistance Programs
The PLC members work to integrate the services and financial assistance available to private landowners to provide the best programs for protecting and enhancing Kentucky’s natural resources.
Kentucky Private Lands Council
Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program
This program, also known as the Rivers & Trails Program or RTCA, is a community resource of the National Park Service. Rivers & Trails staff work with community groups and local and state governments to conserve rivers, preserve open space and develop trails and greenways.
National Park Service
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Nonpoint Source (Section 319)
The Kentucky Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program seeks projects to compete for funding.  Grants are available for watershed restoration projects and watershed implementation plan development as well as other nonpoint source (NPS) pollution control projects to help mitigate or prevent runoff pollution.  Funds can be used to pay for up to 60 percent of the total cost for each project. A 40-percent nonfederal match is required.
Kentucky Division of Water (DOW)
PRIDE Grants for Eastern Kentucky
PRIDE offers several grant programs to local governments, teachers, nonprofit organizations and individual home owners who want to pursue the PRIDE goals in their communities.
Personal Responsibility In a Desirable Environment
Heritage Land Conservation Fund
Provides funding for natural areas that possess unique features such as habitat for rare and endangered species, areas important to migratory birds, areas that perform important natural functions that are subject to alteration or loss and areas to be preserved in their natural state for public use, outdoor recreation and education.
Kentucky Department for Natural Resources
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 Low-Interest Loans

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority
Funding for wastewater, solid waste, etc.
Kentucky Infrastructure Authority
Clean water state revolving loan funds (SRF)
Kentucky DOW
Drinking Water
Source water protection state revolving loan fund (SRF)
Kentucky DOW

 Cost Share/Incentive Funds

Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program (WREP)
This voluntary program offers landowners the options of permanent easements, 30-year easements and restoration cost-share agreements to protect, restore or enhance wetlands on their property.  State and local governments and organizations interested in WREP should contact the appropriate NRCS state conservationist at 859-224-7350 for information about submitting a proposal.
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)
Division of Conservation
The Kentucky Soil Erosion and Water Quality Cost Share Program and the Kentucky Soil Stewardship Program-Phase I TSA were created to help agricultural operations protect the soil and water resources of Kentucky and to implement their agriculture water quality plans. This program was established to help landowners address existing soil erosion, water quality and other environmental problems associated with their farming or woodland operation.
Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet
Conservation Reserve Program
This voluntary program allows agricultural landowners to receive annual rental payments and cost-share assistance to establish long-term, resource-conserving covers on eligible farmland.
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