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Nonpoint Source (Section 319)
The Kentucky Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program seeks projects to compete for funding.  Grants are available for watershed restoration projects and watershed implementation plan development as well as other nonpoint source (NPS) pollution control projects to help mitigate or prevent runoff pollution.  Funds can be used to pay for up to 60 percent of the total cost for each project. A 40-percent nonfederal match is required.
PRIDE Grants for Eastern Kentucky
PRIDE offers several grant programs to local governments, teachers, nonprofit organizations and individual home owners who want to pursue the PRIDE goals in their communities.
Heritage Land Conservation Fund
Provides funding for natural areas that possess unique features such as habitat for rare and endangered species, areas important to migratory birds, areas that perform important natural functions that are subject to alteration or loss and areas to be preserved in their natural state for public use, outdoor recreation and education.
River Network Watershed Assistance Grants
Search for current funding opportunities and links to relevant resources.
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grants
Find out about grant opportunities currently available at the foundation, including the general matching grant and special grant programs and access application materials.
Local Acid Mine Drainage Reclamation Projects
An index to topics related to acid mine drainage, a detrimental byproduct of coal mining despite improved prediction and prevention techniques.
In-Lieu Fees Program
The objectives of this funding program are implementation of stream or wetland restoration/enhancement projects and mitigation of disturbances from on-site construction projects.