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Division of Water

Division of Water
Information for Water Treatment Professionals

This page is for all drinking water professionals associated with a public water system in Kentucky. Questions should be directed to Jerry Pike.


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Public water supply regulations (unofficial) are located in 401 KAR ​Chapter 8. The official versions are contained in the Kentucky Administrative Regulations Service and in the monthly Administrative Register of Kentucky. For information on how to subscribe to these publications, contact the Legislative Research Commission at 502-564-8100, ext. 564.

DRAFT water regulations may be viewed on the Statutes and Regulations Web page.

Federal drinking water regulations are located in 40 CFR part 141 and 143.


The administrative regulations for public water supply, 401 KAR Chapter 8, sets forth the requirements for monitoring and reporting of water supplies. 

In an effort to assist public water utilities with avoiding errors in monitoring and/or reporting (paperwork) which can lead to the issuance of violations, DOW is providing a document titled Public Water Systems: Common Problems and Errors. This document describes the most common mistakes made by utilities when performing monitoring and reporting activities and suggests ways to avoid them. EPA's "Rule Wizard" Web site enables owners and operators to determine federal monitoring requirements for public drinking water systems. If you have any questions regarding Kentucky monitoring requirements, contact the Drinking Water Section at 502-564-3410.


Call the Division of Compliance Assistance at 800-926-8111 for information about operator certification.  


Drinking Water Capacity Development staff can help public water systems improve their technical, managerial and financial framework through the capacity development program.

SDWIS/State -- Electronic Data Submission

Visit the Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) page to submit data electronically through the Electronic Data Interchange. The SDWIS page contains MS Access application programs and relevant documents for SDWIS/State.


Statewide emergency preparedness for water systems in Kentucky marks the mission for KyWARN. In addition, this new organization supports and promotes disaster response and mutual assistance matters for public and private water and wastewater utilities. Following the impacts of Hurricane Katrina and then Hurricane Rita, the demand for resources and knowing where those resources were available overwhelmed the ability to effectively coordinate the initial response. Realizing that utilities needed a different approach, the water community and state agencies join together to create the Kentucky Water/Wastewater Response Network or KyWARN. Visit KyWARN to become a member and explore the KyWARN tutorial.