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Division of Water
Consumer Confidence Reports

Community water systems provide an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to customers by July 1.

These reports are also known as annual water quality reports or drinking water quality reports. The CCR summarizes information regarding sources used (i.e., rivers, lakes, reservoirs or aquifers) any detected contaminants, information on compliance and educational information.

EPA's Web site for CCRs provides access to CCRs nationwide, information regarding the content of the CCR, frequently asked questions and more.

This demonstrates EPA's commitment to public health protection and the public's right-to-know about local environmental information.  The "right-to-know" provisions are based on the premise that accountability to the public is vital to address and prevent threats to drinking water. 

Discover how the right-to-know provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act can help you learn about and protect your drinking water

CCRs are an opportunity for community water systems to:

  • Respond to customers' need for information.
  • Advance understanding of issues.
  • Enlist customers in source protection issues.
  • Build partnerships with stakeholders.
  • Form the centerpiece of a communication program.

Annual CCR Dates for Community Water Systems

  • April 1 -- annually -- Community water systems that sell water wholesale to another community water system must submit information on detected contaminants and source water, unless the seller and the purchaser have agreed on a mutual date as stated in a contract between the parties.
  • July 1 -- annually -- CCR due to customers and EEC.
  • July 1 -- annually -- Certification of CCR due to the EEC.

Refer to the regulation 401 KAR 8:075 Section 1.

What Can You Do?

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure you know the quality of your drinking water:

  • Look for your CCR each year.
  • Read your CCR.
  • Contact your water supplier if you have any questions or concerns about the information in your CCR.
  • Provide your water supplier with feedback about the CCR.  They want to know how to make the report better for you.
  • Look for opportunities to attend meetings where you can provide input to your water supplier.

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 Consumer Confidence Reports Downloads

CCR Certification Form in Adobe PDF Format
CCR Builder by KRWA