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Division of Water
Kentucky Drinking Water Laboratory Certification Program (KDWLCP)

This web page is intended to provide useful information to drinking water laboratories submitting compliance sample results to the Kentucky Division of Water.  Laboratories may review program updates, download useful documents, or use this page as a reference to find other useful websites.

The KDWLCP is administered by the Division of Water (DOW) in the Department for Environmental Protection within the Kentucky Energy and Environmental Cabinet.  The DOW certifies laboratories (located both in-state and out-of-state) annually for chemistry, microbiology, radionuclides and cryptosporidium analyses.  DOW performs on-site audits at least once every three years for in-state certified laboratories.  Out-of-state laboratory certification is available through reciprocity with certification by an equivalent certifying authority.

This web page is updated periodically but should not be considered the most up-to-date reference for obtaining information.  If there are any discrepancies or concerns regarding any of the content within the Drinking Water Laboratory List or any other content on this page, please contact Division of Water Laboratory Certification Program at email


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​Laboratories wishing to apply for Kentucky Drinking Water Laboratory Certification (or renew their current certification) must submit a completed application and associated analyte-method list.  Mail both documents to Kentucky Division of Water (300 Sower Blvd, 3rd Floor; Frankfort, KY 40601) by February 15 to avoid late fees.

Items to download include:

If you DO NOT require any changes to your analyte list, make sure to print it out and write No Changes.

If you DO require changes to your analyte list, print it out and do the following:

  • To remove an analyte method pairing, cross out the analyte method pairing with a single strike through and write remove on the side along with your initials and the date.
  • To add an analyte method pairing, at the bottom/end of the list provide the necessary information to add the analyte method pairing (Analyte code, Contaminant, Reference Method, KY Method Code, MRL and units).

 KDWLCP Essentials

Document Title
EPA Drinking Water Laboratory Manual
Updated Laboratory Requirements
Cryptosporidium Manual


Safe Drinking Water (SDWA) maximum contaminant levels
List of approved method/analyte pairings for DW analysis
Tool for calculating IDC/ODC, MDL and RLS

 KDWLCP Application Reference Documents

Document Title
KDWLCP Approved PT Provider List

 KDWLCP Technical Assistance Documents

Document Title
List of Required Minimum Reporting Levels for Drinking Water parameters
KDWLCP Approved EPA Compliant Alternative Test Procedure (ATP) Methods
Document for guidance of Bacteriological Analysis Report Form (BARF)
KDWLCP requirements for Drinking Water Microbiology Laboratories
Proficiency Test Requirements for DW and WW Microbiology Laboratories
KDWLCP Initial Requirements for Drinking Water Microbiology Laboratory certification
KDWLCP Statement on Enforcement of EPA manual
Microbiology Pre-Audit Questionnaire with instructions
Code of Federal Regulations pertaining to the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations
EPA’s Drinking Water Laboratory Certification website