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Division of Water

Division of Water
Capacity Development

Russell Neal, Section Supervisor 502-782-7026

The Division of Water capacity development program helps public drinking water systems improve or optimize their technical, managerial and financial framework so they can provide safe drinking water in a consistent and cost-effective manner.

Capacity development provisions provide an exceptionally flexible framework within which states and water systems can work together to ensure that systems acquire and maintain the technical, financial and managerial ability to consistently achieve the health objectives of the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

Under the SDWA, states must develop and implement a strategy to meet the objectives of capacity development. This strategy must include the following elements:

  1. Prioritize systems most in need of improving capacity. Identify the factors that encourage or impair the capacity of water systems.
  2. Use the authority and resources of the SDWA to enhance technical, managerial and financial capacity.
  3. Establish a baseline and measure the capacity improvements of systems in the state.
  4. Involve stakeholders in state efforts to improve water system capacity.

The Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) can provide a model for implementation of capacity development strategies. Using AWOP, states can prioritize systems based on the system's performance data, identify factors limiting water system performance, gauge capacity improvement by comparing AWOP data and provide technical assistance.

The Division of Water is currently working with Drinking Water stakeholders to revise and update the Capacity Development Strategy.

If you would like to view a copy of the final version of the 2000 Capacity DevelopmentStrategy, please contact Russell Neal, Capacity Development Section Supervisor, at 502-782-7026 or at

Reports to the Governor on Capacity Development

2002 Capacity Development Update

Triennial Report 2005

Triennial Report 2008

Triennial Report 2011

Triennial Report 2014

Triennial Report 2017

 Annual Report

2017 Capacity Development Annual Report


Small Drinking Water Systems and Capacity Development -- EPA information and guidance for small systems.

Refer to the EPA's Handbook for Capacity Development:  Developing Water System Capacity under the Safe Drinking Water Act, as amended in 1996.

Small systems (serving 3,300 or fewer) refer to Strategic Planning Handbook for Small Water Systems.

Capacity Development Tools - Flash video presentation on capacity development.

Emergency Response Plan Template

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