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Division of Water

Division of Water

The Bluegrass Cross-Connection Prevention Association (BGCCPA) has a board that certifies backflow prevention device testers.
The members are an alliance of individuals with the common interest of protecting public water supplies from contamination through cross-connections. The membership is represented by plumbers, sprinkler system contractors, irrigation specialists, public and private water and wastewater system operators, architects, engineers, governmental officials and general industry. 

Many irrigation specialists, plumbers and water system operators in Kentucky obtain a cross-connection license with the BGCCPA.  The association offers an annual convention and provides training. 

For information on the BGCCPA, training sessions and membership, contact the BGCCPA at P.O. Box 54505, Lexington, KY 40555, phone 859-351-0390, fax 859-523-0916 or e-mail

At the national and international level, contact the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA).

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